Railway signal type m02

Trackside visual signal devices are designed to display light signals as specified in Signalling Manual Ie-1 (E-1) and are used to organise railway operations. They are one of many system components and are not operated independently. Their additional purpose to transfer of light signals is also transfer of other visual information installed below the signal head. They are in the form of boards specified in relevant manuals and named "indicators".


New type railway signals M02 by MONAT are available in three options:

  • fixed head signal MS,
  • moving head signal MR,
  • dwarf signal MK.


They are available in standard execution for the right-hand track and custom execution for the left-hand track. All railway signals by MONAT meet technical requirements concerning railway signals used at railway lines, pursuant to manual Ie-117.


Characteristics and technical specifications


Light signals by MONAT comprise three components:

  • steel foundation,
  • mast with a platform for a tall railway signals,
  • head.


Selection of head execution variant suggests also the variant of mast with a platform (platform only for dwarf signals) and the variant of box foundation. The Employer may select individual components of signal light or custom configuration of colours in the signal lamp. The whole structure (the foundation box and the mast) is hot galvanized and powder coated, producing a protective coat that extends the product's lifecycle. All remaining steel components are hot galvanized and powder coated. The order shall be attached with certificate of compliance for protective coats. Canopies, background screen, highlight strip and locks are executed in stainless steel, which eliminates the risk of corrosion and seizure. The whole signal is made of quality steel with enhanced strength S355; Bolts and nuts used in joints are at least class 8.8. Head housing divided into chambers is made of materials resistant to weather conditions (black ABS), in order to reduce maintenance and coating and upgrade the protection grade to double (signal light housings do not require earthing or connection). Integrated optical assemblies are used (lenses, filters, assembly rings, adjusting holders of light bulbs) to ensure that accurate and labour-consuming operations are performed earlier under workshop (laboratory) conditions instead of at height, next to the overhead power line and railway track with rail traffic. The method of mounting of background screen, canopies and optical assemblies enables replacement of individual optical assembly without dismantling other components of the signal head. Chamber transformers are also executed in protection grade II and embedded in epoxy resin so as to enhance their resistant to weather conditions and to improve the safety of operation. Signal light may be adjusted horizontally, by rotating the whole mast (by 8 degrees), and vertically, by tilting the signal lamp and the platform (by 7 degrees). The use of adapters enables mounting any type of indicator or light strip on the mast. On customer request, the manufacturer provides signal device service tools (spanners, levers,) suitable for lead sealing.

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