Level crossing system type KSP-7M (comupter system)

System description

Ensures safety of railroad crossings with other road types (cat. A, B, C, E, F).


May be used at

  • all types of single track, double track and multiple track railway lines
  • wit optional siding track, at public railroads (e.g. PKP) and non-public railroads (industrial or corporate),
  • electrified and non-electrified railroads, with operating speed as provided for specific line.


System KSP-7M may be interlocked under station and line systems (interlocking in Automatic Block Post).



  • suitable for remote control from multiple control stations
  • approach signalling for semi-automatic systems
  • control and monitoring of actuating equipment, incl. distant signals (TOP)
Registered Office Gdańsk
Branch Office Katowice
Registered Office Gdańsk

ul. Przyrodników 19
80-298 Gdańsk

(58) 721 30 32

NIP 584-020-09-33
REGON 003006753

Branch Office Katowice

ul. Tadeusza Boya-Żeleńskiego 108,
40-001 Katowice

(32) 203 57 06

NIP 584-020-09-33
REGON 003006753