Barrier booms

Barrier boom is designed to close level crossings with roads or access roads to industrial plants or other secured objects. Lowered boom barriers prevent access of road vehicles or pedestrians to the secured area.


MONAT is a manufacturer of barrier booms in lengths up to 12 m long, including 9 m long barrier booms with break control and break safety.


Monat offers barrier booms made of:

  • aluminium,
  • polyester laminate.


Aluminium and polyester barrier booms are manufactured in two designs of road closing boom, i.e.

  • A-shape profile - with two-sided mount on the gate machine main shaft,
  • with single closure – one-sided mount on the gate machine main shaft.

In addition, such booms may be manufactured as self-lowering.


Aluminium booms are manufactured in following sizes:

  • up to 6 m – single type,
  • 6 to 8 m – with guys,
  • 8.5 m to 12 m with guys and support,
  • 6.5 m to 9 m.


Polyester laminate booms are manufactured in following sizes:

  • up to 6 m – single type - without guy and support,
  • 6.5 to 9 m – with guy and support (A-shape profile).

As a standard, all polyester boom barriers are fitted out with electric supply circuit for lights (3 pcs.) and mounting holes for front mounted LED lamps LDcU type.


Barrier boom comprises the following components and parts:

  • barrier boom closing device – A-shape type or single type,
  • steel holder, connecting the closing device with the gate machine main shaft by means of the flange,
  • counterweight assembly, designed to balance the boom barier,
  • counterweight weights (bobs) – steel or concrete type,
  • fixtures, bolts ad stabilizing parts (guys, supports),
  • barier boom lock with safety device and boom integrity control device.

Barrier booms are fitted out with safety module with barrier boom safety catch (metal bolt). In the event of a collision with a road vehicle, such a solution enables detaching the barrier boom from the gate machine. The safety module houses barrier boom integrity sensor which sends the barrier damage control signal (to the manipulator).


All types of barrier booms, aluminium type and polyester type, are suited for mating with the following types of gate machines:

  • JEGD-50; JEGD-50B; S6-JEGD-50; S6-JEGD-50B; JEGD-6; EEG – by Zwus Sp. z o.o. Katowice (Bombardier),
  • HSM-10E – by Scheidt & Bachmann,
  • SIM 6/13 – by Siemens,
  • SPK 6-6 – by Pintsch. SPK 10 – by Zelisko/Thales.

Barrier booms are resistant to atmosphere agents and can be used in various climate zones.

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